install a concrete surface to eliminate mosquitoes

install a concrete surface to eliminate mosquitoes

3 Ways You Can Change Your Concrete For A Custom Finished Look

Patrick Mitchelle

If you have concrete floors in your home, you may want to consider a finish for them instead of investing in new flooring. Some of the concrete finishes available today can give your floors a great custom look at an affordable price. This can be done by using techniques like acid staining or stamping to finish your concrete. Here are some of the unique ways you can have custom floors with a good concrete finish:

1. Stamping The Concrete Finish To Give A Look Of Tile And Other Materials

If you want to have the look of a textured surface with your floor finish, concrete stamping can give your many options. It can be an affordable solution to give your floors the look of stone or brickwork. You can also use stamping techniques to create the look of old wood floors with textures and grain patterns. This can be combined with different sealants and stains to give your floors a textured look.

2. Apply An Epoxy Finish To Give Your Concrete A Durable, Colorful Finish

If you want to have vibrant colors added to your concrete floors, an epoxy finish can be a great solution. It can also be a good solution for areas like garages or play rooms where you want to have a floor that can easily be cleaned. The epoxy materials can be applied in one solid color or with patterns and designs. You can also have texture added to them to create a slip-resistant surface in some areas of your home.

3. Acid Staining To Apply Patterns, Get The Look Of Stone Or Create A Decorative Finish

If you want to have the look of custom stone work like marble, acid staining is a great way to give your concrete the look of real stone. It can also be used to create intricate designs and tile patterns in your concrete. You may also want to consider using stenciling to create patterns and custom designs in your concrete finish. With acid staining, you have the choice of almost any colors or designs you want for your floor finish. This can be an affordable alternative to custom tile or stone work.

These are some of the unique custom finishes that you may want to consider for your concrete floors. If you need materials to give your concrete the perfect finish, contact a stamped concrete service like Ingratta Cement & Drainage Inc and talk with them about doing some of these finishes in your home.


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install a concrete surface to eliminate mosquitoes

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