install a concrete surface to eliminate mosquitoes

install a concrete surface to eliminate mosquitoes

Safety Tips For Landscaping At Home

Patrick Mitchelle

Landscaping can be dangerous work. It's best to be aware of what can go wrong so you can prepare and be ready if you are in a dangerous situation. Here are six safety tips for landscaping your yard.

1.    Dress Accordingly and Use Protective Gear

When you are going to landscape, especially when using dangerous equipment, you must dress accordingly. Don't wear flip flops or loose clothing. Use safety goggles, masks, and gloves.

2.    Don't Use Tools You Don't Know How to Use

There is a first time for everything and you can't learn how to do something without first trying it. However, if you are going to use a tool for the first time, prepare and research it before you use it. Read the manual and watch instructional videos.

3.    Exercise Extreme Caution with Your Tools

This may go without saying, but it's important to stress the importance of tool safety. Close shears properly after using them, even if you think you are just going to put them down for a second. Make sure tools are completely turned off and unplugged before you try to repair or examine them.

4.    Handling Chemicals

Make sure handle chemicals with care. Store them in locked cabinets if possible or up high on shelves. Make sure you screw lids on tightly. Most chemicals are harmful if inhaled or come in contact with your skin or eyes. Flush your skin with water even if a little drop falls on you.

5.   Be Respectful of Nature

Watch out for severe weather, bees, spiders, and anything else mother nature might throw your way. Shake out your gloves and work boots and check for spiders. If you see a thunderstorm coming your way get to shelter immediately. Be careful of electrical items near water.

6.   Be Prepared

If you are going to be working far away from your house, then try to take a cell phone with you. Bring plenty of water with you on hot days. Also, bring bug repellant with you and if you have issues with allergies, then bring your allergy medication with you in case you need it in a hurry.

The main thing to remember is to be careful. Most of the time accidents happen because people are rushing and not being careful. If you follow safety guidelines and wear protective gear while keeping these other safety tips in mind, chances are you will be safe while working in your yard. For assistance, talk to a landscaper like J & J Precast Ltd patios.


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install a concrete surface to eliminate mosquitoes

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